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GD9000 Integrated Diagnostic System
Integrated Diagnostic System

GD9000 Integrated Diagnostic System is an advanced vitals management and physical assessment solution to quickly exam the patient and make decisions based on accurate, complete information. Suitable for spot check, monitoring or triage modes.

  • 10.1”  (16:9) easy-to-read color TFT LCD display with touchscreen
  • Integrated otoscope, ophthalmoscope & tongue depressor
  • 4 USB Ports to add: Keyboard & Mouse, Barcode scanning, Printer etc.
Wall mounted system

Wall mounted system saves valuable floor space & eliminates tangled, hanging cords, Prevents tools from being lost, stolen or misplaced.

Wall mounted cuff management system provides organized storage for extra blood pressure cuffs.

New Software

Newly designed software, card layout UI design, easy to operate Manual measurements entry (weight, height, etc…)

Allows clinicians to show patients their results on the large screen for easy communication and patient compliance.


Spot: Micro spot, small spot, large spot grid aperture, silt aperture, cobalt blue filter.
Diopter range: -25D – 40D
Intensity of illumination: > 150 lx
Accessories used: Polarizing filter, red-free green filter
Others: A view angle of 25° can be provided

Otoscope & Tongue Depressor

Magnification factor: ≥2.5x magnification
Diameters of ear specula: At least 2.7mm and 4.2mm are available
Intensity of illumination: > 150 lx
Spot definition: The illumination lights for the magnifier should be uniform, with clear edges, without obvious shadwo or dark spot

Electronic Tongue Depressor
Intensity of illumination: > 150 lx


Covidien Filac 3000
Accurate: +/- 0.3 ( Quick Mode)
Fastest Predictive Readings:  < 4 seconds (Oral)
Single use durable probe covers minimize cross contamination

Bluetooth glucose meters
Metering unit: mg/dL; mmol/L
Blood volume: 1μl
Measuring time: 8 seconds
Measuring range: 20mg/dL( 1.1mmol/L ) – ~ 600mg/dL( 33.3mmol/L)
Power: one 3.0V lithium button cell

Technical Specifications


Immediately send accurate patient vitals directly to your computer.

  • Connected computer, reduces the need for manual transcription, and practically eliminates transcription errors.
  • Greatly improves patient safety and reduces the time spent documenting vitals.
  • View patient data anytime, anywhere on the computer.
  • Improving patient flow and staff communication.


  • 10.1”  (16:9) easy-to-read color TFT LCD display with touchscreen.
  • Integrated otoscope, ophthalmoscope & tongue depressor.
  • 4 USB Ports to add: Keyboard & Mouse, Barcode scanning, Printer etc.

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We provide training for all products that require it. Ensuring that you are able to understand and use your new purchases fully.

24/7 BACK-UP

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.
You can contact us at anytime whenever you have a question or need about any of our products or services.


Annual servicing is a necessity and is, of course, very important in keeping your equipment working well throughout its lifespan.

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