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New Zealand Ultrasound Specialists

New Zealand Ultrasound Specialists

As New Zealand Ultrasound Specialists we only offer the best.

Medical Devices are your New Zealand Ultrasound Specialists. Offering the highest quality equipment for all industries including veterinary.

Giving you extensive shared service capabilities for general imaging, vascular, cardiac, abdominal, pediatric/fetal, musculoskeletal, urology, prostate, Ob/Gyn and veterinary practices.

Our key range is the E-Cube Series – the next step in confident diagnosis with excellent image performance.

The  E-Cube Series delivers compact and powerful image performance for a fast and confident clinical decision, a smart-software package for multiple applications, and design ergonomics to maximise space efficiency and mobility.

Providing progressive and versatile diagnostic solutions with exceptional performance and excellent image quality that enhance diagnostic confidence.

With new and intuitive designs offering you a simple and convenient user experience. Continuous support and updates will be provided for the entire life of the product without the need for additional investment. The E-Cube series enables you to keep up with the latest advancements so that you can stay focused on caring for your patients. Allowing you to provide quality healthcare services more efficiently and effectively.

Minimising complications, raising the level of confidence when clinicians conduct examinations. Fully geared to an exceptional performance in any clinical environment.

Smart Workflow Maximise workflow efficiency and patient throughput with innovation at your fingertips.
Better Performance Optimise presets with enhancement of digital imaging processing algorithms.
Best Patient Care Giving you diagnostic edges with migration of ALPINION’s most advanced applications and technologies.
Optimal Imaging Suite (TM) Integrated image post processing software set, provides better border definition and increased contrast resolution by reducing artifacts while maintaining true tissue appearance.
FleXcan (TM) Architecture Software based imaging platform, is the foundation of the E-CUBE. It allows us to remain responsive to customer needs as well as user’s system up to date with reliable performance and improved productivity during the lifetime of the product.
SensitiView (TM) Deep penetration without sacrificing high resolution.
Crystal Signature (TM) Greater sensitivity, wider bandwidth, higher resolution.
CSATM (Clear Signal Amplifier) Rx Signal Amplifier boosting sensitivity.
Low loss cable A low loss cable enables the Rx signal to travel further.
Matching network The perfect impedance matching of the transducer and system.

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