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E-CUBE I7 Ultrasound For High Quality Imaging

E-CUBE i7 Ultrasound for high quality imaging

E-Cube i7 Ultrasound Features

Speed: The embedded SSD not only enhances the ECube i7 Ultrasound’s operational speed, but also its stability. From boot-up to initialising a scan, the time is less than 60 seconds.

Optimal Clinical Environments: A full color backlit LED keyboard was designed for any clinical environmental setting. Also, with advantage of H/W design, the E-CUBE i7 is almost silent at 31dB when running, which is equivalent to the sound of a library.

Efficiency: The E-CUBE i7’s extended transducer connects up to three probes, enabling you to be ready for a range of scans with different types of probes.

Complete cardiac solution: The system supports a complete suite of cardiac solutions enabling the flexibility to scan a variety of patient body types from pediatrics to adult phased array transducers with ECG module.

Innovation Meets Portability

ECube i7 Ultrasound for high quality imaging – offering a powerful and stable cart-based system, architecture and breakthrough design with sliding keyboard cover, the ECube i7 delivers remarkably excellent image performance and comfort for optimal clinical environments.

The compact i7 is versatile, featuring application-specific imaging technology with advanced transducers. From the bedside to the procedure room, the E-CUBE i7 provides ease-of-use and workflow efficiency.

Excellent Image Quality

The advantages of a cart based system made the innovative portable system, ECube i7. To overcome the shortcomings in image quality of a portable system, Alpinion built the ECube i7 around a cart based systems architecture. Thanks to the powerful and stable architecture, the i7 ECube delivers remarkably excellent image performance throughout its lifetime.

The ECube i7 Ultrasound rewrites the history of ergonomic design for portable ultrasound systems

Ergonomics you have never seen before. The ECube i7 Ultrasound, is the world’s first portable ultrasound system with a sliding keyboard cover.

The innovative sliding cover supports the wrist at the right angle for a healthy wrist, improves the sonographer’s comfort when operating the trackball, and prevents the keyboard from being polluted by dust, gel, fluid, and blood.

The innovative portable system

The advantages of a cart-based system combined with the innovative, ECube i7 Ultrasound overcomes the shortcomings in image quality of a portable system. ALPINION built the ECube i7 Ultrasound around a cart-based system’s architecture. Thanks to this powerful and stable architecture, the ECube i7 Ultrasound delivers remarkably excellent and uniform image performance throughout its lifetime.

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